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It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas! 

Making some salt dough ornaments for the Grandparents using baby boy’s little hand. Salt dough is eeeasy (1/2 c salt, 1/2 c water, 1 c flour) but it always drove me crazy because I’m IMPATIENT and don’t like baking them for 3 hours.

Turns out: you can microwave them for 3 minutes. Sometimes they brown a little, but not really a problem since you paint them (and for the good Lord’s sake, it’s for grandparents…how picky do you think they are going to be? This ain’t pintrest).

Seriously: I forgot a hole in one of them. Meh, I’ll glue the ribbon to the backside. Glueguns save lives. Orrrr, I dropped one in the pink paint. Meh, I wiped it off and started over. Orrrr, I had no true white paint. Meh, I emptied an old tube of fabric paint I’ll never use.

Remember the motto: this ain’t pinterest. We don’t have to be Martha Stewarts around here.

So yeah, a little paint, a little ribbon…I might even add a jingle bell to the end of the cap. All in all, pretty excited. 

Don’t have kids? Make one of your own hand for your parents. They’ll be overjoyed :)

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